17 Nov 2010

30th Practice / Why I Respect Sharath So Highly?

I met Sharath first time in Finland, when he was on his European tour. I think that then there practiced over hundered persons in the same room, but still I sometimes felt that he was laughing at me and watching me carefully, when I was trying to do some tricky asanas.

I came here one month and a half ago and felt really deep connection with that guy in his too wide spandex shorts immediately, when I walked inside the Shala to practice here first time. When he sat in front of me to help me with Marichyasana D, I felt that he was really humble, not pride at all. I mean that person is the only one in the world, who has done all the series with Guruji and then he comes and sits in front of me, our heads facing on the equal level.

I feel that it was very much meant to be that I am here now.

I respect Sharath so highly, because I feel that he somehow sees through the persons. He treats the total beginners in the same way than the students who are really advanced. If you show him your dedication, your willingness to learn, he will give you his time and teachings. It doesn’t really matter, if you are the stiffiest person in the room or you are overflexible and can do amazing asanas directly, he gives you enough challenges and really appreciates your hard work.

I have been really pleased to see here, what kind of persons Sharath has been authorizing. He is not only authorizing the persons, who are the most advanced in asana. He can also see the persons, who have lot of qualities to become good teachers not only in asanas, but otherewise too. I feel that he can see the persons with good hearts. He can give you hard time too being very picky, demanding and strict, but deep inside of him, he seems to be kind, sweet, happy and wonderful person, real teacher. For me, he is pure yoga.

This morning my practice wasn’t really flying. I was very stiff and my back hurted a bit too. I just kept going and the practice got a little easier, when my body warmed up. Sharath assisted me with Uthita Hasta Padangusthasana and Supta Kurma. I did the transfer in the air from Supta Kurma to Bakasana, when he was standing in front of me. I was so proud of myself, that I didn’t touch the floor. Like I said before Sharath’s memory is amazing and he seems to see everything. So when I finished he came to me and said: ”Tomorrow, one asana more.”. I was very happy, because today wasn’t really my day, but it felt like he had seen me trying so much and wanted to give me a little reward.

Oh yes. The true meaning of ”Om vande gurunam caranaravinde” is starting to come very clear to me. Mysore is magic. Every morning and day.

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