22 Nov 2010

Two Days Off Behind and Practice Nro 34

I don’t like days off. I mean one day off per week is okay, but moon days and all the festivals on top of that is too much. My body comes stiff and I start to feel restless. Actually this time I had nice two days off.

On Friday we went out to a place called Road. It was fun, because the place was so awesome. Like directly from Twin Peaks with elks on the wall. Hah. Almoust only foreigners and some weird Indians. Gotta tell you that it was first time, when I went out and I was at home before midnight. Yoga people aren’t really party animals, but nice people anyway. The best part of that night was, when we drived around the city. I love India by night and by bike. The most beautiful view must be the main road here, because all the trees are growing along the street and those form ”a roof” over the street. So you are literally under the trees, when passing by. It’s so beautiful during night with all the lights and empty street.

On Saturday I spent the day by the pool. Here is a hotel called Southern Star and the pool area was full of yogis relaxing and enjoying the sun. This was first time for me on the pool and I enjoyed so much, because sun and pool are like my best friends. Would be nice to get some tan before Thailand, but I think that I won’t go there that often.

On Sunday I met with Finnish Heidi and we went to down town by her scooter. I bought some wool again and went to Rashinkar, too. This time it was nicer than the first time, because people stayed quite far away from us. Maybe because Heidi is a tall girl with dreadlocks, so I can easily just walk behind her back and avoid the people coming too near. The rest of the day I layed on Aimee’s sofa and watched, when she was piercing Sonja’s ears. Cool stuff…

This morning I woke up exhausted. I couldn’t get sleep last night and the night before. Moon is stealing my dream and I have only been dreaming really weird dreams. Between Saturday and Sunday I stayed awake from 1 a.m. until 5 a.m. Gosh. It was so annoying.

Today’s practice was ok. It’s a bit scary combination, when you haven’t had that much sleep, but you are stronger than usually because of the two days off. You can easily over-strecht or do something other stupid, when you don’t concentrate properly. I totally forgot to do Supta Padangusthasana and was waiting in wrong position until I realized that I was doing a wrong asana… Nobody was assisting me today and I was next to a really tall guy, who was already before the class sorry about his size. Everything went quite okay anyway keeping in mind the circumstances. After my practice I slept 1,5 hours and woke up with mixed mind. Time to have some food and clear my head!

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