21 Nov 2010

Practice 32 & 33

So Thursday was very sticky. I actually knew it in beforehand, because often after very good practice comes the tired one. When you have tested your limits during the day before, you will feel it in your body day after. Yesterday I had also chanting and philosophy and during the late afternoon, we had extra program, when Arne and Heidi wanted to do some fire crackers in front of the Shala. The festival season is over now, yesterday we celebrated Tulsi and maybe now the nights will be calmer.

This morning I woke up full of energy and was happy to go to the Shala. I always love the practice before day off, because then you can work as hard as you can and relax after that. You don’t have to be so careful to not overstrech or make yourself exhausted, because you will have time to recover.

I practiced again next to Lock and he seems to be my macig man. I love his calm, balanced practice and today I was even so comfortable next to him, that I put my leg over his chest in Supta Padangustasana. Hahaa, to be honest Sharath allowed me to practice first time until the end in Primary today and that’s why I was running late in Supta Padangustasana and my leg was coming over Lock.

I am so happy that I can now practice the whole serie! I can start to build up my strength properly and the last asanas (except Setu Bandha) are my favorits, so I can enjoy even more about my practice, if possible. Sharath really suprised me today, because usually he has given me only one pose more, but today he showed me to do until the end and assisted me with Setu Bandha, too. Setu Bandha is a killer. I am getting awful headache because of that asana, so I have to ask tips from my friends, how to do it. I have to put all my focus on Urdva Dhanurasana, because Sharath was again today asking me to take it up. I just whispered quickly, that I have back problems and after that he said that spred your legs, so that the asana will be easier. I think that I have to visit him soon and tell him about my back condition. Today my adrenaline level was so high that I didn’t feel any pain during the practice. Now I have some muscle pain, but the back is suprisingly okey.

Sunday will be a moon day, so two days off now. This is great, because we all need rest. Many people have had a really rough week and tonight we are going to take it easy and have a Mexican fiesta. Holaa chicas!!!

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