13 Nov 2010

Supper Club and Running Away the Police

On Friday as usual we had Supper Club. This time Brian was our host and we got a chance to see his marvelous place. That guy has around four bedrooms and proper kitchen and some extra open space etc. His place near water tower is just great. This time we had a bigger group of people, but Brian stayed for a long time the only man in the house. Yes. We had around ten beautiful girls and Brian until Mexican Arne came along and improved a little bit equality between genders. We joked that Brian could easily have four wifes, because he has so much empty space in his place.

Aimee, the soul of our Supper Club, had a flu, but she had created anyway a delicious salad for us. Mademoiselle Maria Shanti made us spicy lentil soup, which was voted unanimously as the most popular dish of the day. And what you think about mixture of fresh cocos, goji berries and cashew nuts? Ahu’s eggplant dish had a wonderful Turkish flavour and I was happy to hear that my tsatsiki was also accepted by my Turkish friend. Our final course was raw chocolate pie from Anu’s Cafe, which is always a hit.

After all that food we headed to a charity event, which was organized by some yogis from our school to help Indian street kids. Brian was friendly to give me a lift to the event and we had quite experience on the way there. Of course we got lost and then the police tried to stop us on the main road, because were were driving without helmets. I would love to wear a helmet, because trafic here is sort of chaos, but people really don’t wear helmets here (and I don’t have my own helmet). The ticket regarding driving without helmet is 100 rupees, which isn’t much, so I believe that this is the main reason, why people go around without helmets. We didn’t stop, when the police man was trying to stop us, because one kid was shouting to us: ”Go,go,go!”. The police man hit Brian to his chest, but he didn’t start to follow us. I have to admit that after that drive I felt a bit shaky, but after all we arrived just on time to see the show. The best part of the show was, when the Indian kids were singing kirtans with one yogi. Hahaa. They got so excited, that they screamed, jumped around and boys were dancing to us, too. What a night!

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  1. Be careful Sis. I want you back to Finland like you are, not in a coffine.