7 Nov 2010

22nd Practice

Very terrible practice indeed. Last week was so perfect, that I knew, that at some point the whole practice would sort of collapse. I had two days off and it obviously wasn’t a good thing. My back started to hurt a little bit yesterday and I noticed that almoust the whole right side of my body was really sore. This morning the back was ok (I did some stretching yesterday to give some space for my vedebras), but I didn’t feel good. Last night’s sleep was bad, because people shoot the firecrackers and fireworks along the night. Usually it’s a good idea to practice, when you are sleepy and grumpy, but this time it wasn’t.

Many people looked tired at the Shala. It has been raining quite much and maybe other people haven’t been able to sleep either. I had my favorit spot, but very tall guy was practicing in front of me and put his legs on to my mat many times. I just really hate that. I understand, that it’s harder to stay on your mat, when you are really tall, but you should just go more forward and only come to other person’s mat for example in Chakrasana. Maybe they don’t teach that to the students in other schools, but I almoust stopped my practice and told him to go forward. Yes. I wasn’t very om and shanti today.

My muscles were really sore and I was hard as a rock. So stiff and lot of pain. I stopped in Supta Kurma, because I felt that I couldn’t breath and I wanted to vomit. Really strange practice, hopefully I am not getting ill. I did the finishing poses with others, but I couldn’t get Utplutih up and also Urdva Dhanurasana was fiasco. Sharath wants me to take it up directly, but when I am practicing my normal Mysore practice, I do three small ones and then three times up. I am so careful with my back. I know that I have to change it, because Sharath is watching me and he knows that I can take it up, but I am just so worried about my back. I haven’t told Sharath about my back problems and I know, that he won’t force me to do anything, but I suppose it would be wise to tell him about my previous problems anyway.

I watched the second group again and noticed that many people had problems with balance today. There is now one Finnish girl Heidi practicing among second group. She said that she is mostly practicing alone and I have to say, that she has worked hard on her own, because I really liked her practice. We had a good laught today, when Sharath sort of forgot Ursula in Karandavasana and she stayed there ages waiting Sharath to get her up. The whole audience started to laught, when Sharath continued the counting, all of the sudden noticed, that Ursula is still down and then rushed to get poor Ursula up.

I was so happy yesterday, when I came back home and I had received a parcel. I got my yoga books for Yoga Thailand finally! You can’t count on Indian post office at all. The whole packet was ripped off and they had checked the books through. It doesn’t really matter, what you send, they will check it anyway. I heard that they can even cut your postcards to see, if there is some money glued inside. So lucky me again, that I got my valuable books!

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