1 Nov 2010

Rocking Practice!

Yes. Very good morning today. Marichyasana D closed alone on both sides! Finally, it has been so near two weeks and now I did it. Only light pain with my ankle anymore, so half-lotus is easier and that’s the way it came back to me. Also little progress with Supta Kurma, because an assistant was able to close my hands. Before only Sharath could do that, but it seems that my stiff hips are getting a bit more loose. Today was the day, when I took the first breath and I knew, that today the practice will rock. Sometimes you just know.

Today I practiced really in the middle of the Shala. Indian girl Tiana practiced in front of me and it was quite fun, because we started almoust at the same time, so the whole practice went so, that she was like my mirror. It was good practice for me specially, because I was able to observe, how long my breath is. I have quite short breath and I am trying to learn to make it a little bit longer. Then my whole practice is calmer.

Sharath wasn’t assisting me today, but I felt his eyes on my back many times. Even Bhujapidasana was much more better today. It’s clear, that rest did good for my muscles. Tomorrow will be harder, because my muscles will be more tired, but I don’t mind. Today everything went so well…


  1. So happy to hear that your practice went well :)

  2. Well done Sis! :) I also was a good teacher today. One student admitted me that she has liked my P.E. lessons even though she usually doesn't like sports. 6th graders were also so enthusiastic in athletics lesson that I had to force them to go back to school. I was amazed to see how much they learned today. Almost all of them managed very well in high jump. The flop-technique seems to be quite easy and motivating for young pupils.

  3. Thanks Linda and Ace! My practice got even better today. So I am only smiling and flying here. Excelent that your students like you sis. I would love to take your class. I know that you could test my limits... Hahaa. I will give you a proper yoga class, when I will be back. Or maybe in Australia ashtanga on the beach. Take care both sweethearts!