17 Nov 2010

Claudia’s B-day, Singing Kirtans and Practice Nro 31

Last night I went to celebrate my Brasilian friend Claudia’s birthday. I met Claudia this summer in Stockholm, when we were practicing with Dena. The circle came around and we met herein Mysore again. I saw her a couple of days ago in Anu’s Cafe and got an invitation for her birthday party.

I arrived to her place really early, because I thought that I would stay only a little time. Claudia had decorated her appartment nicely and prepared some chai for us. We had quite big group of yogis sitting down on the pillows and waiting the singing to start. I sat next to Mexican Arne and he asked me, how to sing ”Happy Birthday to you” in Finnish. So when we had song ”Happy Birthday to Claudia” in Portugese, Spanish and English, Arne started to sing in Finnish and I was obligated to sing along. Hah. Arne is a funny guy! After that we ate cake and sang some kirtans. Bubba gave me a lift home around eight and that was late for us yogis.

This morning I woke up before my alarm rang. I didn’t have that much sleep, but I felt already last night that I was really full of energy. As always, me and Ann rushed to the Shala just before mantra. I got my favorit spot near the door and Lock was practicing next to me. Lock has a really strong and very well-balanced practice, so I got into very nice flow with him. I love to practice next to someone, who has so balanced practice.

Today practice was flying and I didn’t feel any pain. I was very flexible, but strong at the same time. I think that this maybe was my best practice until now. I was just enjoying every minute. Even Urdva Dhanurasana was quite light. I was specially pleased with my transfer from Supta Kurmasana to Bakasana. I did it again without touching the floor. Sharath assisted me with Uthita Hasta Padangusthasana on the left side, otherwise he let me flow. I did my new (old) asana Upavistha Konasana first time today. I like that asana, because the balancing part is quite easy for me. However I know, that Sharath expects us to come up with straight legs, so no way, that I am getting new asanas before that.

There’s still much work to do, but today’s practice and this whole week really gives me hope. Practice is going very well indeed.

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