15 Nov 2010

29th Practice

Indians seems to be really into fire crackers and fire works. Once again last night they wanted to make some noise and shooted fire works. And we yogis couldn’t sleep. That was so annoying, because I had a very relaxed feeling and I wanted to have a good sleep before my practice. Didn’t happen, you know.

Ann walked with me this morning to the Shala. We talked about yesterday’s conference and we both thought that it was a great meeting. Sharath was very open yesterday. I got my favorit spot next to Ursula and for a long time I practiced without any person on my right side. Practice was ok reminding my lousy sleep. Yesterday I knew that my practice would be pretty good, because my body felt good. The beginning of the practice week is usually the best, because during the last days of the practice week my muscles get tired and I feel some muscle pain. That’s why I was a bit upset that I wasn’t able to sleep well and get the best out of today’s practice.

Thomas assisted me with Supta Kurma, otherwise I practiced alone. My Uthita Hasta Padangusthasana is still disaster. I don’t know, what is wrong with that asana. I mean I don’t have problems with other balancing asanas. I think that I am still too stiff and that’s why my balance is totally lost in that asana. Supta Kurma has improved a little bit and now it’s easier to close my hands. We were so near each other, that in Garbha Pindasana I was afraid to go to other people’s mat and couldn’t do it properly. I went over Suzanne’s leg in that asana, so finally I just took it up and did Kukkutasana.

Now I have a feeling, that I would like to have more asanas. All my favorit asanas are in front of me in the sequence now, so I really have to try to show Sharath, that I can do the asanas, which he has already given me. I want to get stronger and when the practice is longer I can gain more strength. So I have to figure out some way, how I can do the Uthita Hasta Padangusthasana without shaking all the time...

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