6 Nov 2010

21st Practice and Philosophy Class

It was pouring heavely during the whole night. I don’t have an umbrella, so luckily the rain stopped just before I stepped out. Monsuun is here, but I don’t mind. I like rain and air is fresh every morning after the rain. It’s so good for the nature and I like to fall asleep, when I hear the raindrops. Rain is something very peaceful. And chai and rain so belong together.

I was practicing next to British Ursula, which was a good place to practice, because she has a very stable practice. It felt that today’s led class was very demanding, but in a good way. I felt suprizingly strong and practice was going well. Sharath assisted again with Uthita Hasta Padangusthasana and even that asana is getting slightly better. I got too strong adjustement in Supta Kurmasana, so I needed to back off a little bit. I suppose, that it’s very difficult to size the amount of power, if you are quite tall or big yourself. It takes time to learn to read the student. I wait very much studies regarding that in Yoga Thailand. It will be wonderful to learn more about body and mind. I kept Sirsasana up the whole counting, but on the contrary Utplutih was on the floor from one until the end. I just didn’t have any power left. But all together I was pleased with my practice.

It’s so good to notice that I am building up my strength step by step. I want to be in shape, when I am going to Thailand and this is a really good opportunity to get back on track after my back problems. Every day I have to repeat to myself, that take it easy. I can feel that my hips are opening more, but I have to be supercareful with my back. I must think about it during my whole practice. One tiny slip can be sort of fatal to me. It’s so difficult, because my mind is very greedy and wants to put my body aside.

I went to Shala’s philosophy class today. The teaching style is very Indian, maybe even too Indian for me, but it’s good to come familiar with the basic concepts and definitions. As a Western person, it’s so difficult to understand, how big matter karma here is. Every day you work with your karma. Some way it sounds terrible that so much depends on the family to which you were born. I was wondering today, what Indians think about adoption. If you born to a lower cast family and then you will sort of upgrade your status, if you are adopted to a good family or how it works? Is it then just that you might did something good in your previous life?

Horoscopes are also extremely important here and even in Guruji book it’s mentioned that Guruji’s and his wife Amma’s horoscopes weren’t match, but Amma wanted to marry Guruji anyway. And old yoga students say in book, that they were very happy together. It’s very beautiful to see here everyday people, whose faith is so strong. They believe that correctly done puja can heel a person and some women are upset, when they can’t do certain puja, when it should be done, because they have periods. Religion is here part of everyday’s life. In Finland you can’t really see religion, but here you can’t avoid it. I am just wondering, how big shock it must be for Indians to travel abroad and see countries, where religion is considered as some kind of like madness. It feels like Guruji was almoust like radical among Indians at his time, because he decided to teach Westeners and both women as well as men at the same time, too. He also taught very ill people and didn’t care, when the other students said, that they will leave, if the lepers will practice. I have got the impression that Guruji was very religious person, but he said that yoga is for everyone, only not for lazy people. It’s interesting, that open-mindnesness can be considered as radical at the same time.

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