13 Nov 2010

26th and 27th Practice and Santosha

Huh. This week has been very demanding. Sounds ridiculous, but practicing is taking lot of my energy. This was my first week, which was actually whole meaning that I had six practices in a row. Here practice is so intense all the time, that it really takes all the juice out of you. But in a good way of course.

Yesterday’s practice was ok. I was quite tired and during the chanting class I all of the sudden realized that I had forgotten two asanas completely. It is so odd, that you do the same practice every morning, but you can still forget some asanas and you will notice it sometimes during the day after your morning practice. Sometimes I am waiting so much some certain asana, that I skip accidentally some other asanas.

Today’s class was led class again. It felt a little bit easier than last week’s led class. Maybe Sharath wasn’t so demanding today, because we had a long week behind us already. I was able to hold Navasana and Sirsasana the whole time, but Utplutih is still too much. My hands are totally over, when it’s time for Utplutih. I just don’t manage to do it. I also took only one Urdva Dhanurasana up. I want my back to be totally warm, when I take Urdva Dhanurasana up and that’s why during the led class I can only take it up once or twice. After today’s practice I felt that I had really given all and tomorrow’s day off will be really needed.

After practice I had some sleep and headed to Santosha again. I love to go there. Ann (who is keeping Santosha with her husband Magnus) is so fantastic person. She is always smiling and I feel very comfortable with her. She is so positive, kind and warm person. I like to go there early and have a chat just between me and her. We both are so happy here. It was so funny, when Magnus came and asked, how are we, and we both said at the same time, that happy, you know, always just happy to be here. It seems that we both just love this international vibe here and can speak about ashtanga hours after hours.

This morning I spoke for a long time with Ingeborg. She is my wonderful friend from Norway. Ingeborg showed me site regarding her home school in Oslo called Puro Yoga and owned by Alex Medin. It would be awesome to go to Oslo someday, because I haven’t ever been there and Basia Lipska also owns a school there. It’s so great to speak with people about their home schools and hear, how ashtanga is all around the world. I love to hear stories, how people have ended up here, how they have started yoga and how it has changed their lives. It’s so inspiring.

I love to be inspired by other people and I love to inspire other people. I have heard, that a couple of my friends have started yoga again, because they have been reading my blog and nothing makes me more happier. It is so fantastic to be able to inspire people. I can guarantee that if you give yoga a chance, it will bring you happiness, harmony and much more. It’s never too late to start.

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