6 Nov 2010

Diwali and Metropole

Yesterday started the crazy diwali celebration. It seems that Indians really love festivals, because all the time here is some carneval going on or at least here is a day of one of the Hindu gods. And I can promise that Indians have so many gods that we could celebrate every day of the year. For example this Diwali celebration is interesting, because I haven’t figured out is it the main festival day Friday or Sunday, because it seems that for other people Friday is more important and others say that Sunday is the day. What really happened was, that we yogis had Friday off and Indian children were shooting lot of firecrackers.

We didn’t have Supper Club this week, because we went out for a dinner instead of our normal Friday routine. Our group is getting bigger. Last night we had Aimee, Maria, Ahu, Melissa and Brian. Brian is Aimee’s really good friend from States and still suffering from a pretty good jetlag, because he arrived a couple of days ago and among other things missed his flight on his way here. It’s crazy, how long it takes for Americans to get here. No wonder that they seem to upgrade their seats to the first class…

I am sure that this Diwali wasn’t typical for Indian children, because it was pouring so heavily, that we didn’t really hear so many firecrackers. I don’t still have an umbrella, so I walked to Aimee’s place my towel around my head and ended up there completely soaked. It was literally like walking through a small river. Ahu joked, that this is the only way to wash streets in India and I have to agree.

We went for a dinner to Hotel Metropole. This was actually the first time, when I weared make-up here. But you still don’t feel very trendy, because you have to dress up like grandma. I don’t even have any high heels here. Metropole was really nice place and the food was so good there. This was the first time, when I got really spicy Indian food. I love spicy food, but I have started to feel, that it is might not that good for my body. I had vegetarian kebab. It sounded so weird, that I decided to try it. We ended up tasting each others’ food which is actually the best way to figure out, what is good in the restaurant. Only thing, what was terrible there, was my drink called Green Eyes. Melissa described it as mixture of soap and man’s parfume. Aimee said that it looked radioactive. Hah. First drink ever, which I couldn’t drink, and Aimee was so friendly, that she returned my drink and got some soda instead for me.

On our way back home, it wasn’t raining anymore. That was good, because the girls, who weren’t sitting in the middle of the riksha, got really wet on our way to the hotel. After the dinner, we went to Aimee’s. We had organised a little suprise for one of our friends, who got amazingly good news during this week. Girls had ordered special cake for her and we had some sparkling, too. Rest of the night we were just laying on the floor gossiping… Party house Rashinkar tries to keep up its reputation and so we stayed up until midnight.

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