9 Nov 2010

23rd Practice

It was raining again during the night and I woke up once, because it was really pouring so heavily. I went inside the Shala before the mantra and practiced again next to Ursula. I have really good practice time now. It’s not too early and I am able to select my spot. Some people, who came after me, got a new practice time and they are starting really early. I suppose Sharath will change my practice time later again, but as long as I am in five o’clock group, I am more than happy.

Today’s practice was much better and I realized, that I am so stiff because of the rain and cold weather. I can feel more soreness in my body overall, too and I am quite sure that this is because of the cold nights. This is actually good, because now I can feel more like I would be practicing in Finland. I have to warm up more and really focus on my breath.

Sharath assisted me with Uthita Hasta Padangusthasana and asked after the practice, if I was able to close my hands in Supta Kurma. This time I said to the assistant that he shouldn’t try to cross my legs in Supta Kurma, because it’s at the moment just too much for me. I did finishing poses in changing room again. There I can take it a little bit easier, but I shouldn’t let the laziness take over. I have to work more with Utplutih, it is just so sad asana right now.

I had my chanting class at 11 o’clock again. Starting from tomorrow I will change my group and I will have chanting three times per week after that. I don’t know, if we start to resonate some new texts or is it just a smaller group and more intense work. We will see.

I saw Mikko by chance in Anu’s Cafe and we had lunch together. I got really good information about Yoga Thailand’s TT course, because Mikko has done it before. I asked about the final exam and it will be really demanding. I thought that it wouldn’t be so hard, but when Mikko started to explain about it, I realized, that I have really some studying to do. For example I have to know some mantras and keep a led class for small group. And of course there will be a written exam, too. Luckily I can start my studies here and I don’t have too much disturbing things going on.

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