31 Oct 2010

My 17th Practice and Halloween Lunch

It was very early morning today, because I heard a rumour, that today’s led class would start 4.00 a.m. regular time and I went to the Shala a little bit before. It was just a rumour and the class started as usual 4.15 a.m. I have met here many people, who need time before their practice and that’s why they wake up every morning at least one hour before their practice time. For me, it’s better to move fast after I wake up, otherwise I am not gonna make it. I like to watch other people’s practices, but otherwise I don’t like to wait. I will only start to feel more sleepy.

Today’s practice was weak as I expected, but it started very well. Sharath assisted me with Uthita Hasta Padangustasana, but otherwise I was on my own. In Navasana I was very shaky and after that I didn’t have any energy left and I felt that I wanted to vomit. So after that asana I took it very easily and came down in Sirsasana before others as well as took only one Urdva Dhanurasana up. Tomorrow is a new day and I didn’t want to push too much today.

I am going for a Halloween lunch to Santosha. Ann promised to cook us dishes with pumpkin, so I am excited to see, how orange the table will be. I have noticed, that I need to add some protein to my food, because I feel sometimes quite tired here. I haven’t had any fish here, so I have to be more aware with my food. Indians don’t eat tofu and not much soya either, so the vegetarian dishes don’t include that much protein. I am even considering to continue eating only vegetarian food in the future. My friends here are so good cooks, that even I have good changes to learn to make proper vegetarian food.

Happy Orange Halloween My Friends! And lot of trick and treats!

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