10 Oct 2010

Anu’s Cafe and Rain

It’s Saturday and the ordinary day off of yogis. I woke up here as every morning, when my neighbour was burning his trashes. So I have to light an incense quickly, because I wanted to cover the smell some way. Otherwise, I am sleeping here well. The nights are noisy, but I am using earplugs to cover the barking dogs, construction men and motorbikes. Gokulam isn’t really so peaceful place what comes to the voices.

But today I found this really nice and peaceful place, Anu’s cafe, near Shala. I was having my lunch sitting on the pillows on the floor and listening the rain outside. It poured heavily, so I knew that the laundry, which I washed this morning, was washed again by nature. But it was okay, because rain makes me happy. Air is so fresh after rain and rain also reminds me about my childhood. I used to run outside, when the rain started and jump and feel the mud between my toes.

I love summer, but autumn is a good season, too. My godmother sent me some nice autumn pictures from Finland and I was able to see all those beautiful autumn colours: yellow, orange and brown. What I have noticed here is that India is an extremely colourful country what comes to clothes. People dress up cheerfully. Here everything isn’t so black and white. I think that for me the life was for a long time very black and white, too. But then I found grey and now there is obviously a chance that I will find all funky colours of India. Pink, purple, yellow, red, turquois and blue are easily going to beat the boring black and white…


  1. Muistan hyvin Gokulamin äänet. Au-au-auuuuuuu, yksinäiset koirat huusivat.

    Anun ja Ganeshin paikka oli ihan mahtava hengailuun. Patjoja, hyvää ruokaa, paikka tavata tuttuja.

  2. is it really around 430-5 every day ...? amazing

  3. Yeah Lauri, these voices of Gokulam are awesome! And the fact that monkeys live in my neighbourhood and pigs as well as cows walk along my home street daily...

    Peter: My normal practice time here is 5.45 a.m and then I have twice a week a class which starts at 4.15 a.m. We yogis are early birds.