13 Oct 2010

My 5th Practice

I slept so badly. I was so energetic yesterday, that I coulnd’t take it easy even during the night. Sometimes yoga does that for me. When it’s the bedtime, I can be full awake, eyes sparkling and mind twisting. I am sure that after a couple of more practices, this problem will disappear, because my body will be so tired and eager to get its’ strenght back during the night. So I woke up this morning 5.15 a.m. as usual and faced the old panda bear on the mirror. Uuh! I hate that panda bear. I put my favorit shirt (there is an owl, which waves its wing, printed on it) on to comfort myself and walked to the Shala.

I thought that my practice would have been a disaster because of the night, but it was good again. Now I was practicing in the middle of the people, but I was able to concentrate on my own practice, which made me so happy. When I am practicing in my home shala, I always want to have a certain spot. I want to be next to the window and preferably next to someone whose practice is slow. If I am next to someone, whose practice is fast, I will get over-excited and my energy goes wild. Then I am jumping like a crazy rat and everything goes mad.

So I found my peace, even when one guy was practicing flip flops so near me, that it almoust felt, that he is going to land on my back and the toe of one assistant was likely to touch my nose, when I did Chaturanga Dandasana. And it’s not even crowded yet! I think that it is so good to learn to practice really near others and later be able to practice everywhere, no matter what. I would like my mind to be so strong, that I wouldn’t really care about, what is going on around me during the practice.

Sharath’s assistant was adjusting me in Padangusthasana. I rarely got adjustment with that asana in Helsinki. Sharath helped me with Uthita Hasta Padangusthasana, which is still so wobbling. After the flights it’s always completely lost, but for me it only shows, how grounded I am. So, not so grounded yet… Sharath’s assistant wanted me to take a grip of my toes in Yoga Mudra, but the problem is that my lotus isn’t normal yet, because I can’t bend my ankle as usual. But Yoga Mudra shows easily, that I am much more flexible here. I think that when the ankle will be normal, I can close the asana.

It’s fun to be more flexible, but it feels like the heat melts the muscles, too. It feels sometimes here, that I am an over-cooked spaghetti wondering, how I can get fit again… So enjoy your day and have some spaghetti for me!

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  1. when I'm doing yoga I'm closer to a half-boiled spaghetti, flexible at risk of spraining something ... guess it means I need to do more often