8 Oct 2010

What am I looking for?

I had a brunch with my yogi friends in Helsinki two weeks ago and one of my friend asked me, what am I looking for or expecting from this travel. I answered that nothing special. I just want to practice.

After the brunch I really started to think about this question and on the first day of my trip I wrote as my status that I am looking for love, light and lightness…

As long as I can remember I have been searching for love. Love is so pure that I can’t get enough of it. So I am going to follow one of my teacher’s advise and fell in love during this travel. Is my love gonna be India, Thailand, Australia, yoga or what… only time can tell.

So I am looking for light, too. For me, light is the sun. I love sun and summer and I can’t stand winter as well as cold. Sun gives me energy and I am a real summer babe, born in July. For yogis, the concept of light is very interesting. I hope that I am going to see some glimpse of that light during my travels, too.

Lightness is the flow which sometimes comes with my practice. It’s the reason which makes me wake up extremely early in the mornings and practice after practice. It’s physical lightness, but it’s also mental lightness. Nothing to worry, nothing to look after, just stay still and breathe. Like it is written in my best friend’s tattoo: ”Enjoying while breathing.”


  1. Dear Sis,

    You're so talented writer. I really enjoyed reading your text. Keep going and looking for your dreams and love. You'll find them at some point. Love you.