17 Oct 2010

No Proper Shower, No Washing Machine, No TV, No Internet, No Drinkable Water on Tap, No Makeup…

And I am still alive. I don’t watch so much TV at home either, so I don’t really miss it. I admit that it’s annoying walk to the internet cafe every day and be under those hungry eyes there, but on the otherhand, I feel quite relaxed at home, because I am not online every second. And now I have more time to read proper books.

Yes, I have a shower, but it’s a hand shower and I have hot water only on tap. I can’t drink the tap water so, I have to walk to a shop every week and order water from them. Like I mentioned before, I don’t have washing maschine either, so I am hand washing my clothes every day after practice. If it rains, I will wash the clothes again and hope that it won’t rain again.

I don’t wear makeup, because it’s so hot that it would melt away anyway. I have to wear clothes which cover my knees and shoulders every single day. Microwave? Doesn’t exist. Oven? What is that?

This maybe sounds difficult, but I think that it really isn’t. It’s actually quite relaxing. When you keep things simple, you will have more time to focus on important things. I don’t say that I don’t miss those gadgets, but here it’s okey to live like this. And when I am back to Finland, I promise, that I will love and respect my washing maschine and shower highly!

Like my Australian friend Claire cleverly said one day, part of our daily yoga in India is manage with this India. And smile at the end of the day.

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