15 Oct 2010

Hunry Dogs Hunting

On my way back home the thing, of what I have red and heard rumours about, happened. Indian, middle-aged man grabbed my breast in the bright daylight in the middle of the street. He was cyckling and I was walking on my thoughts, so he took advantage of the situation. I just walked straight on and didn’t say anything. Everything happened so quickly that I didn’t really have time to realize, what actually happened. I was only a few steps from my home, so I didn’t panic either. I was dressed up according to local standards (shoulders and knees covered always) and didn’t do anything provocative either, but that disgusting dog was only after white meat.

When you walk around here, you can feel the eyes on your back all the time. It doesn’t really matter, what you are wearing, you can still see hungry eyes around you everywhere. It’s enough that you are white and female. It’s so sad that all the people here haven’t used to white females. Some of them have seen they only in pornography films, so they behave according to that.

I have a picture on my laptop as background photo, where me and my friends are in Thailand wearing bikinis, posing in Padmasana (this shooting is one of the coolist yoga memories of mine) and even that picture provokes the guy in the internet cafe to stare at me like crazy. It’s so unbelievably, how forbidden things start to hunt people.

Hopefully one day also women can dress up in India freely without fear to be touched against their will. Before that I can’t move here alone after 6.30 p.m. when it comes dark and I have to watch out even during the days. Otherwise I can be surrounded by thirty guys shooting and touching me like it happened to my American friends here in the zoo. Even permission to take one picture is too much, you have to set up very strict boudaries. Otherwise the dogs will eat you alive.


  1. fully agree with Saana and guess you are, but watch out that is a sick experience / a big hug from Stockholm to you

  2. Thanks Saana and Peter! Yeah, life is different here, so I have to watch out a bit more than at home. But India is very cool place anyway.