13 Oct 2010

I Got ”Good” from Sharath!

I didn’t get much sleep again, but I felt okay, when I woke up. My inner clock is now waking me up around 5 a.m. which is great, because I have to be at the Shala at 5.45 a.m. I think that I got the best practice time, but Sharath might change it earlier later. That will be fine then, because when I will get my sleeping routine normal, I won’t have any difficulties to wake up early. It’s so nice to start my practice, when it’s still dark and come out from the Shala, when the light is there already. Then nature around me is awake and I am awake, too.

This morning there was a little group of students waiting to get inside the Shala, but for some reason Sharath called me in directly when I arrived and I got on the mat before other students. The practice was so good again. My back felt a bit stiff today, but when I walked inside the Shala, everything was fine. I know now during the practice, which muscles I have used during the previous days. It’s interesting that my body feels tired, but at the same time I can already feel that I have got more strength. It’s great to see some results even after so short period. I am trying so hard here, focusing better than at home and the practice is coming back slowly, but very well.

When I closed Marichyasana D alone on the right side today, Sharath was standing behind me and said ”Good”. I felt ridiculously happy after that, because I have been struggling with that asana for so long time and I finally got the asana right. So I felt very special today and now I am fighting with Bhujapidasana to get that good again. I am so gonna beat the Bhujapidasana and let the energy flow! It’s so great to challenge yourself every morning on the mat.

For me, big part of the fun here is talking with other students after the practice. There is ”the coconut man” waiting us outside the Shala every morning, so after the practice we stop there to drink fresh coconut water straight from the coconut shell and chat. I love to hear stories, how people have ended up here, how long they have practiced and which teachers they have tried. It’s so inspiring to hear, how ashtanga is in the States, Canada and Brazilia. I met today an amazingly beautiful Lane from the States, who is missing her kids from home, but who anyway decided to come here and practice. And I spoke with an other American Amy, who is working as theater director back home and who wants to bring her kids here next time. Sharath had promised to teach her kids then. I like the idea that there is growing a new generation of little yogis already. Ashtanga is getting strong everywhere.


  1. Congratulations for your asana. :) I'm happy that you're feeling fine and everything seems to be ok in India.
    Winter has arrived to Finland. It has been snowing almost every day in this week. Of course snow still smelts away every single day, but we have minus degrees and it's cold outside. I'd love to be in warm but rainy India near you.

  2. sounds like good development and 5 am is a brave time to be up

    fresh coconut is delicious