17 Oct 2010

My Religion Is Love

In Finland, there is going on a huge debate about gays and church and their opinions about each other. It’s written on newspapers, that over 15 000 Finnish people have resigned from church, because of one talk show showed on Finnish television this week, where high profile Finnish politicians and authors of church shared their strict opinions about gays.

I haven’t seen that TV show, so I can only tell that I have nothing against church generally speaking and I have nothing against gays. But I have very much indeed against people who don’t tolerate each other, who don’t respect each others’ opinions and who can tell that their opinions are better than other person’s views. For me, life is too short to argue about religion or sexuality.

I think that quite many of us yogis have faced those wierd looks, when we have told new people, that our hobby or job is yoga. I have heard enormous amount of comments regarding hippy yogis using drugs in Goa and eating only grass. One guy even told me, that he can’t be with a vegetarian. Before this trip, I also received quite many warnings not to become a member of some crazy religious clan in India.

I have repeated to people one time after another, that yoga is for me a beautiful Indian philosophy and an amazing practice, which keeps me happy and healthy. I don’t use drugs and I don’t consider myself as a member of some strange religious group. Yes, I have yogi friends who are religious, spiritual and some of them are even atheists. I love to talk with them and I love to learn from them. I don’t always agree with them, but I respect them anyway.

All I can tell is, that I lav mi gays, I lav mi straights, I lav mi blacks, I lav mi whites, I lav mi reds, I lav mi yellows, I lav mi blonds, I lav mi brunets, I lav mi redheads. I am trying to love my enemies, too. We are all unique, but we are all same. So let’s give some space to each other and try to love a little bit more, please!

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  1. The debate in Finland is going crazy. People are resigning from the church because of the talk show and few comments. I don't get it.

    Instead of running away we need an open conversation and new values. What people really want from the church?

    "My religion is love" is a perfect slogan. "My religion is caring" is maybe even better. Some how people have forgotten to take care of themselves and others. So, let's stop running away. If we want a change, we have to be ready to make changes.