25 Oct 2010

My 14th Practice and Breakfast at Anu’s Cafe

Quite sticky morning again, but good feeling after practice anyway. Today I was in a corner and I felt that I was practicing in the shadows. Sometimes it’s really nice to be in the shadows, but today I felt that I could have used some energy from other people. It wasn’t cold in real, but when I started, I felt, that my body was cold and stiff.

Urhva Dhanurasana was very strong today, but otherwise practice was really basic. My Bhujapidasana is a bit lost here, I don’t know why, but I use to have a strong Bhujapidasana and now it’s very slipery and unbalanced. On the other hand, Supta Kurmasana is a way better here than at home. Sharath assisted me with Marichyasana D on the left side, but it’s still difficult to close. It’s very near, but out of reach anyway. But when I walked back home, I started to smile and thought that it doesn’t matter, that the practice today wasn’t the best one, I had really beautiful day in front of me anyway. Sun was shining and the morning was beautiful. And I heard that one girl, who had a very bad scooter accident here before, came up alone from Urhva Dhanurasana today first time after her accident and it was so cool thing that all the people talked about it the whole morning.

After the practice I had a quick shower and I went to Anu’s Cafe for Indian breakfast. The owners of Anu's Cafe organized this breakfast today exceptionally, because they were collecting money for one of their employee, whose sister is getting married and his family needs to save money to cover all wedding expenses. The place was packed with yogis and we all were really happy to have the possibility to taste different Indian dishes and help this employee at the same time. Food was so delicious and I got a change to try many new flavours and dishes.

The thing, what is really cool here, is that you meet new people all the time and they are really open and social. Like yesterday, I was walking along my home street and one guy waved at me. I didn’t know, who he was (I had seen him before inside the Shala), but I said hi anyway. After a moment, he drove after me by his scooter, stopped, introduced himself and asked, if I needed a lift. This morning I walked back home after the breakfast and one girl stopped me in front of Santosha, started to talk to me and asked, if I wanted to have a breakfast with her. You can only be on the good mood here, because people around you are so joyful and friendly!


  1. Terveisiä mökiltä. Lunta nakkelee ja Saana ja Iivari suomentavat sinun blogia. Oikein on mennyt muuten minullakin, mutta tuo "Valon huone" (Led Class) on ihmetyttänyt!!!
    Terveisiä kaikilta!

  2. Led class on siis yksinkertaisesti selitettynä ohjattu harjoitus, jossa opettaja laskee kaikki hengitykset ääneen, kertoo asanoiden nimet sekä johtaa muutenkin ryhmää siten, että kaikki tekevät harjoituksen samanaikaisesti.

    Shala on taas joogasali.

    Kiitos terveisistä ja hauskaa mökkeilyä!