17 Oct 2010

My 8th Practice / Led Class Again

So it’s fresh yoga week ahead and new start again! I slept like a baby and I wanted to sleep even more, when I heard the alarm clock this morning. This time I walked to the Shala on time and there was already a good group of people waiting in front of the gate to get a perfect spot from the Shala.

Yes, we are having a led class twice a week now (on Fridays and Sundays) and I can tell that, if this isn’t improving my shape, then nothing will. I was lucky to get a good spot inside the Shala again and this time Sharath let me practice until Supta Kurmasana. I am still amazed about his skill to remember all the students’ practices. I mean, there must be around 60 students practicing at the same time and there he was again next to me, when I needed help with Uthita Hasta Padangusthasana. He was again standing in front of me, when I did Bhujapidasana (which has been my last pose here) showing me with his finger that I can do one asana more today. Sharath is such a professional! He is there, when you need him and let you otherwise flow, when you are capable to do it alone.

It feels like my practice is taking huge steps here. It’s so unbelievable, how much more focused I can be here. There is totally something different in that Shala. I have to agree with Canadian Dave’s view (who has travelled a lot) that nowhere else practice is so focused and intense than here. The energy just is so good in the Shala!

Sharath decided during this week to share our group in two, so after my practice started the group, which practiced Second Series. I didn’t know that we are allowed to watch them, so I was happily suprised after my practice, when I heard that we follow their practices.

OMG! They are so good. Both men and women are extremely flexible and strong at the same time. The group included two ladies, who were a bit older (what comes to yoginis, it’s always so difficult to tell their age, but I would guess that they were 50 something) and I was just speechless to watch their practices. It was so inspiring to see them flying there. Yoga (as well as asana) isn’t about the age indeed!

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