11 Oct 2010

I Am The Luckiest Girl in The World...

Or at least it feels like it… I love it here. This was my fourth practice here and it feels that I am starting to settle down. I feel more grounded and I wasn’t observing so much voices and other people’s practices in the Shala today. I was focusing on my own practice. For me, it always takes a little bit time to settle down and forget others in the room. I am so curious person, that I would like to see my friends’ practices.

Today everything felt so good. I was practicing next to the door of girls’ changing room. Usually students don’t like that spot, because people around you are coming and going as well as you can feel little breeze, but I just heard Dena’s words in my mind, which she said during the workshop in Stockholm regarding asanas, that just accept the pose. So I accepted my spot and everything went well. I felt the energy between my fingers when I bent down for the first Sun Salutation. Energy is very difficult concept to explain for the people who don’t practice. You just feel it. It’s like touching a cloud. You want to reach for it, but you can’t really touch it. It’s there and it attracts you so much. I think that I have started to feel the energy more and more. It’s like every practice of mine increases the feeling of energy.

And Sharath. He is just so wonderful. I don’t usually bond with the teachers very quickly. For example with Petri (Räisänen) it took two or three courses before I felt that it was okay to be with him. Now I feel that my connection with him is very strong and I can just enjoy my time with him in the shala. With Dena, I felt the connection in the final circle of the workshop in Stockholm and made the decision to see her again immediately after that. With Hanne (Sydänmaa) it feels like the connection has always been there. I don’t have to make any number of it. It’s just there. But with Sharath everything felt so right from the first practice. Maybe it helped that I met him in Helsinki last year. I didn’t expect anything from him, so maybe that’s why everything came so easily.

I am here, it’s good to be here, it’s right time to be here. I am with my teacher.

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