14 Oct 2010

Smelly cat, smelly cat…

Okey, 5.45 a.m. and it’s my Shala time again. The waiting room starts to be packed. I don’t mind waiting, because I will have time watch other students’ practices. But I can’t really concentrate on watching practices, because I can smell pee in the waiting room. Yes, literally pee. Holy crap!!! I heard about this from my American friend, but I thought that it was some kind of like joke. No, it isn’t. Some people here are doing some kind of like urine therapy and I heard that they put their own urine over their body before the practice. This is so disgusting. I can’t breathe and I think that next time I am going to wait outside, if I see those freaks around me.

I consider myself as quite open-minded person, but this goes totally over my limits. I mean, if you want to do that kind of therapy, please do it at home and stay away from other people. And have a shower before your practice!

So today my practice wasn’t the best one, but it was ok. I started from the first row and was next to a guy, whose practice was just amazing. I just wanted to peek his practice all the time. He was one of those persons, whose practice is literally flying. They are like kites or ghosts doing amazing stuff completely effortlessly. Later Sharath moved me next to a cute guy, who did Primary Series, but in so soft way, that my eyes were again watching on wrong direction. Some people and their practices are just so beautiful.

I was tired today and tomorrow will be the real test with led class, so I suppose, that I will face some shaky moments tomorrow morning. But I just have to practice and all will come (unfortunately nobody said that it will come easily…).

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