31 Oct 2010

You Gonna Love It or Hate It!

Almoust one month behind and I can tell, that I love Mysore. I know, this is yoga bubble, where you are all the time surrounded by yogis, yogic lifestyle, yoga books, yoga talks etc. People here go to bed early, wake up extremely early, are vegetarians or vegans, don’t drink that much and hardly go out. Smoking is terrible habit and meat is enemy. They are interested in philosophy, mysticism, meditation, spiritualism, raw food, healthy eating, ayerveda, holistic lifestyle, healing, energy, art, sport, anatomy and the most of all ashtanga yoga. Usually they have travelled quite much, speak at least English and have changed some way their previous lifestyle because of yoga. So we are quite similar people with similar interests, but really different backgrounds. I love this international vibe here, it’s so much my thing. But this isn’t real India for sure.

Some people here are totally done with Mysore. They are just waiting to finish their travel or get authorized and get out of the country as soon as possible. And preferably never come back. Others have been here numerous times, might even authorized by Guruji many years ago and they still want to come back here always, when it’s possible. They love to practice here, they love the life here, they think, that this is home as well as origin of ashtanga yoga. Some people have even bought houses here.

I think that for me life is easy here. I don’t have to explain to anybody, why I don’t eat meat, why I go to bed early, why I don’t want to eat late, why I want to practice every morning or why ashtanga yoga is so special to me. People here speak same language with me. I think, that in Finland most of my best friends are familiar with my weird habits, but here I feel, that I am normal. Nothing special, just like the others. I wouldn’t like to live here forever, because time to time I miss my people from Finland and even Finland, but I know already, that I will come back here many times. I am stuck with Mysore. Sharath is amazing, some people here are unreal, your practice every morning in the Shala is a treat and the rest – you just have to cope with it.

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