8 Oct 2010

Home and settling down...

Friday 1 Oct 2010. First day of my adventure. Helsinki is left behind and I am sitting at the Heathrow airport. Sun was shining in Helsinki today, but London is rainy as always.

I love airports, specially Helsinki-Vantaa. I love to watch people passing by. I can wonder, where they are coming from and where they are going to. My mind is always peaceful at the airports. It is interesting, how very busy environment actually calms me down. I am always happy at Helsinki-Vantaa, because I am either leaving my home or coming back to Helsinki. Nothing beats that feeling, when I am coming back home and I can hear Finnish as well as read all the signs in Finnish at Helsinki-Vantaa. The other possibility is that I am leaving and I am so excited to start my travel. I have joked that my home is actually at Helsinki-Vantaa.

My mum asked before I left, when I am going to settle down. Well, I don’t see that coming… there’s too much to see. And what is settling down anyway? For me home is always in Finland, but I don’t feel that I need a house and some land there to settle down properly.

I like to be moving. I have always been like that. Maybe it is because I have lived in eight different cities so far and I don’t consider any city as my real home city. Or maybe it’s because I left alone for my first summer camp, when I was two years old and I loved it. I never understood my friends who were homesick during the summer camps and called to their mum all the time. I was happy being without my parents as well as I liked to go back home.

Nowadays, I think that my home is, where my family and friends are and they are always in my heart. Like I wrote to the postcards for my friends today, they are traveling with me… in my heart. This doesn’t mean that I don’t miss home or consider Finland as a cool place to live. I think that the difficulty is that when I am in Finland, I miss abroad and when I am abroad, I miss Finland. Who said that I am easy to please?

But for sure, before settling down I wanna travel a bit… and a bit more.

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