23 Oct 2010

Who are they? Wizards!

It doesn’t matter, where I go, I always find the most amazing people. I have always been very blessed with lovely friends, with people, who are real and who have a good heart. I don’t know, why I am so lucky with people, but it seems that all the good ones always come and share their way with me.

Before this week I got a dinner invitation from my American Aimee (I spelled her name wrong before, she is actually called ”the loved one”) and tonight was my first meeting with Supper Club. Supper Club includes great company and delicious food. Me, Turkish (American) Maria and Turkish Ahu gathered to Aimee’s mansion (yes, we call it mansion, because it’s great studio up there and there is actually some open space, which I love so much) and the girls cooked a dinner.

And who are these wizards? There is a little wild cat Aimee, whose heart is pure rock’n roll and yoga. Maria is that girl with big smile. When she steps in, you won’t miss her great legs and exotic eyes. Ahu is a girl with something divine in her appearance. She is so elegant with her beautiful brown hair and colorful tattoos. These wizards are cooking their poisoning dishes, but this poison is good. It makes you smile.

And I can tell that the dinner was easily the best vegan dinner, which I have ever had. Aimee’s tofu-orange-vegetables mix was so good, Maria’s lemon rice with roasted nuts and ginger-vegetable soup was spicy in the way I like, but perfectly soft at the same time and Ahu’s chocolate-coconut milk pudding was the cherry on top. I mean seriously, these girls can cook! I was speechless and loving every second. There is nothing, what would make me more welcomen or happier than smiley girls, laughing, chatting and sharing a meal together.

It’s so perfect to hear about new friends’ lives, their yoga histories and experiences, which they have had before herein Mysore and all around the world. Those girls are real gems and I will save the memory of this night to face the more challenging days of my life. There is no better reason to be thankful every day, than your family, friends and all sweet people around you.

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