10 Oct 2010

Santosha and New Neighbours

Oh! I just came so happy. I was walking back home and I saw some familiar faces. I met a Swedish woman Ann, who was with her daughter Emma in Houtskär yoga retreat two years ago. Ann is taking care of Cafe Santosha, which is located next from my door, and she is living in Mysore with her family until March 2011. Now I know, where I can get a good breakfast and great company!

I always love to meet Scandinavians abroad, because we usually have so similar way of life. In Italy my Swedish friend Malin saved me from being homeless and let me move to her place, when I couldn’t find a new place to rent. I am always thankful to her and I specially remember her every Christmas, because we celebrated Christmas together in Rome and Vatican a couple of years ago. And in Stockholm lives my other dear Swedish friend Peter, who was hosting my sister during her exchange year and who became our family friend. Peter has been hosting me and my friends after that quite regularly and I just have to say that Swedish people know, what is hospitality. Even my yogi friends were amazed by Peter’s kindness and friendship.

One of the best things with yoga is the whole yoga community. It doesn’t matter to where I travel, I always find some yogi friends. I came alone to Mysore, but I didn’t worry about that at all. I knew that I would meet here wonderful, new friends. It’s nice to be part of something bigger and see yoga families raising their children among other yogis. It feels like we all yogis and yoginis are brothers and sisters.

I am always thinking all my yogi friends, when I am saying opening mantra every morning. Like I learned from wise Dena Kingsberg in her workshop in Stockholm this summer, this isn’t a lonely journey to take. All yogis are praying together every morning around the world in sanskrit. We are on this road together. Om shanti.

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  1. thank's Sparks that really kind - remember you are also very pleasant and interesting to spend time with