23 Oct 2010

Shopping and Indian Head Massage

I think that I made my personal record here, what comes to sleeping. I slept until 8 a.m. Hah. Of course, I woke up around 5 a.m. but today wasn’t a practice day. I saw Ravi later afternoon and we went to the downtown with his bike. I wanted to see, what kind of mats I can buy here and what is the variety of prices and quality. I found really nice cotton mats and the prices varied between 120-350 r. That isn’t a bad price for a mat, which you can basicly use as long as you want.

After that I went to Himalaya shop. I was positively suprised by Himalaya products here. I bought some muscle and joint rub in Goa a couple of years ago, but I started here to use footcare cream and I am now a big fan of Himalaya products. And the prices are so moderate here!

It was raining today in Gokulam, but the rain isn’t really making the air fresh. I am always so dirty after a motorbike ride, because of pollution and dust, that I have to wash my face. I always forget, how clean Helsinki actually is. When I lived in Paris, my skin actually started to react because of all pollution. Gokulam is quite green, but the amount of dust is big, because here isn’t so many asphalt roads.

I met Maria and Ahu later and we went to a beauty spa next to the Shala. I had a head massage with oil and the treatment was quite rough. You know, how it is, when you go abroad to a beauty salon and the level of conversation is ”Where you from?”, ”What’s your name?”, ”Pressure ok?” and that’s about it. I wouldn’t mind just sit still and be half-asleep, but abroad the culture is of course different and you just can’t be impolite Finnish person sitting still and mute. I have to say that the head massage was quite painful. The lady was literally pulling my hair and mumling: ”Lot of hair falling. ”, when she added the oil to my hair. I think that I have never loosen so much hair during one hour, but at least the coconut oil smelled really good and my hair (what was left after the treatment) was really soft.

However, I love to go to beauty salons abroad, because it’s so cheap comparing prices in Finland (my treatment here was 150 r) and it’s always very exotic experience. My absolutely favorit is foot massage, because it’s so relaxing after long tourist walks and nobody can really hurt you, when massaging your legs. I think that I have to now start to build up my courage, because I know that at some point during this travel I have to cut my hair somewhere. My hair was cut so badly in Italy, that my hairdresser in Finland couldn’t stop laughing, when I returned to Finland, and I really hope that I don’t have to go through that again…


  1. Hi my dear girl!

    I just read through all your posts and it seems that your life is in good order there. Yay! Satisfying yoga practice (have been using google photos search for understanding what you´re talking about...), the best teachers, lovely friends and I assume also lots of sun!

    You have very good thoughts in your blog. Me lllike! Also you write really well and it´s a blast reading it.

    The food sounded perfect and inspiring.. loved to taste once! Maybe you can cook those for us Pony club members if and WHEN you come back to Finland?

    Lots of hugs. Miss you!

  2. Oh my lovely Saara, so nice to hear from you! I hope that you are enjoying your time abroad, too.

    I like writing my blog, it's like spending time with you, when I can tell you all funny stories happening here every day. Yes, I just love to be here, this is all I hoped for and much more.

    I promise that I will try to cook for you, when I will come back. I just can't say, when I will be in Finland again...

    I love you. Give Tomi a big hug, too!