25 Oct 2010

Organic Food Market

After lovely breakfast (hummus-cocomber-tomato toast and spirulina-fruit juice) in Santosha, we headed to the organic food market near Green Hotel. It’s a small market, where locals are selling for example fresh salads, spinach, basilica, spices and honey. You have to be there on time, because food-conscious yogis are ready to shop, when they see some quality stuff. I was happy to buy some home-produced honey, fresh gouda cheese and strong cinnamon. Now I can have my natural yoghurt with sweet honey, cereals and cinnamon.

It’s quite difficult to find good cheese here, but I got lucky this time. Now I am only missing proper rye bread, which is impossible to find here and I can’t bake it myself, because I don’t have oven. My top five cravings regarding food here are sushi, rye bread, fresh salads, Mami's pulla and candies. Indian desserts are in general too sweet even for me.

You also learn to respect drinkable tap water here. I mean, I am using bottled water to brush my teeth, to have some tea or cook noodles. I have to carry water bottle with me all the time, because I never know, if I get thirsty and there is no shop nearby to buy some water.

I like Indian food, but Indian lunch once or twice a week would be suitable amount for me. I get bored with food quite easily, so it’s great that in Helsinki we have so many different restourants to try. Here is Pizza Hut, which I haven’t tried yet. I have been really careful here with food and I haven’t got ill yet. Yesterday I had my first cup of home-made chai and it was fantastic. When it’s raining or cold, nothing is better than a cup of spicy and sweet chai.

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