13 Oct 2010

Crashing a B-day Party in Green Hotel

I made a lunch date with Amy and found myself in Green Hotel spending Susan’s birthday. I didn’t know that someone was celebrating a birthday, so there I was in the middle of the people without a present or anything. And I thought that I was going to only a casual lunch, but the other people had dressed up, so there I was standing in my T-shirt/skirt/leggings-outfit. Well I got over the shock and told the birthday girl my congrats.

Green Hotel is so beautiful restaurant. It’s a garden full of flowers, where you can sit down under a shed, and have some Indian food. I had Palak Paneer, naan bread and some rice. Food was good, but next time I’m going to have the tandoori salad, which Amy had, because it looked so delicious and Palak Paneer you can have everywhere. I have quite much difficulties to order food here, because I don’t know the dishes, so I am just ordering something what I have had before. I love to eat outside. When I was aupairing in France, we used to eat on the terrace every day until late autumn. In Finland we have to spend so much time inside, specially during the winter, that I want to take every chance to stay outside here.

Our bills where totally mixed up and the dishes came in hazardous order, but it didn’t matter. Nobody was in a hurry and we just enjoyed the day. It was a lovely lunch, but still nothing beats our Ponikerho in Helsinki which is a group of my best friends. We go out for a dinner every second week and talk about life as it is with all its unexpected moves. Oh we girls have had so much fun sharing stories about crazy boyfriends, bad dates and happy marriages! A dose of a dirty girltalk is totally needed and higly recommended every second week. Miss you my sweet candy Marianne, outspoken brunette and hot dancing blond.

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  1. Ponikerho.. :D You have always loved horses and I have always loved macaroni. ;)